Seeking (design) Wisdom in the HOW

It is 10:59 pm March 15, 2014 in Nevada’s own city of lights.  The 12 foot entry doors to one of Sin City’s most popular nightclubs are impaled by a revolving line up of spring breakers.  The decibel of their energy level is combated by the dynamic lighting and sound effects from inside the club.  The anticipation of entry is almost palpable where I stand observing in my dark, clock-less corner of the second floor mezzanine.  I clutch my clipboard hoping nobody will notice the overly dressed mother of a 10-month-old doing “research” for her next interior architectural remodel project as they swarm inside…

The reason for subjecting myself to this late-night insanity? (while simultaneously crossing my fingers that my infant’s current dose of teething medication would be enough to keep her asleep until I got home):  Seeking the HOW.

How it works

(photo credit pinterest)

The formula for good design is simple: a bit of creativity, a bit of curiosity and as much wisdom as possible.  While the basic design principles (which will be discussed as part of this site’s content) have been ingrained in me since my very first Introduction to Architecture course, experience has confirmed that, “The understanding of the function of design does not happen behind a desk… it has to be witnessed in the actual context of its use.” -J. Erickson

Innovative design solutions are not a result of a balanced design toolkit, but an implementation of empathy and “satis-function.”  The value of such innovation is pivotal: by making wisdom a key part of design, design can be made a key part of business.

Seeking (design wisdom in) the HOW


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