Who Am I?


Driven by a passion to inspire and a curiosity in the human environment, my design philosophy is rooted in my belief in and execution of intentional design.

My design approach is not only to guide owners and end users through the design process from concept to completion within budget constraints and architectural limitations, but to push design boundaries to develop functional and creative spaces that have been intentionally sculpted.  The design scopes are vast; however, the goal is the same: to implement design solutions that satisfy business needs while intentionally crafting environments that yield emotive responses.


Aside from motherhood, my career as an Interior Designer in the Las Vegas hospitality world has had the greatest impact on my life. When I began my professional career in 2005, during my final few years of undergraduate study, I was completely unaware of the exposure and experience my beginning in Las Vegas would later provide me.

The collaboration with business and design professionals from numerous countries and various backgrounds was a far cry from my beginnings in the small town of Carson City.

I started my undergraduate work in 2000 as an art major at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After enrolling in an introduction to architecture course as a requirement for course work outside of my current field of study, I immediately found my career path: one where imaginations and talents were positively celebrated and criticized.

I enjoyed stretching my creativity in ways that were bound by construction limitations and health and human safety concerns. For me, designing within constraints helped to push ingenuity and force forward thinking. The personal satisfaction upon each project completion after so many sleepless nights in the graphics labs and studio space somehow propelled me through the rest of my undergraduate course work. I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Architecture and Design and a minor in Art History in May of 2006.

While working on my undergraduate degree, I took a position with Ulster Carpet Ltd. in their Las Vegas textile design studio as a design project manager. My exposure to several staples of the architecture industry including construction, code requirements, planning, lead times, installation and schedule was invaluable. This position during my undergraduate course work ultimately opened the doors to my nine-year employment with MGM Resorts International Design Group.

The August following graduation, I was fortunate enough to be offered a position as an assistant designer with MGM Resorts International Design Group. Over the next decade, I was promoted from design assistant to interior designer and finally to interior design project manager with the company. My project portfolio during these years ranged from mid to large scale new build and renovation projects for retail, restaurants/lounge areas, nightclub and casino build outs as well as large scale (3,000+ guestroom) tower and suite renovations.


Although Las Vegas was an unbeknownst place of personal growth and career achievement for me, I began to feel as though it was time for me to move on. Internally, I had hit a bit of a glass ceiling and I was tiring of the round-the-clock mentality in our city that never sleeps! In August of 2015 I was offered a position with the University of Nevada Reno in the Facility Services department as a Senior Project Manager, Interior Design. I was elated at the opportunity to be a part of the growth happening in the area and quickly learned the “heart” and energy of the campus environment was not too dissimilar from the energy behind those night club doors in Las Vegas… I felt at home immediately.


I.AM. (by design) Created. to. Create: